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Initiatives & Events

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MASTS builds projects and community in several different ways, and we strongly encourage people to convene however works best for them and their interests.

Please contact us if you're at USC and would like information on any initiative or event.

  • Our mailing list is the primary way of convening MASTS and connecting participants and it's open to anyone at USC.

  • Our core convening is a weekly meeting with rotating agendas (project groups present progress, people brainstorm new work, guests present and workshop their work, we discuss significant current events, etc). These meetings are open to anyone at USC.

  • We also host reading, working, and social groups -- e.g., the Controversies & Infrastructures Reading Group and Journalism Futures Working Group and the Science Fiction Movie Nights. We encourage people to organize groups that make sense for them -- if you're at USC and have a conversation you'd like to host or want to convene a crew, please do so!

  • Group projects form through periodic "Calls for Participation" (CFP) that are open to anyone at USC and require cross-school teams. Our first CFP (Summer 2020) focused on the theme of "mobilizing controversy", our second CFP (Summer 2021) built projects around "changing infrastructures", and our third CFP (Summer 2022) will focus on "climate stories".

  • We also regularly host visits and conversations open to MASTS, USC, and sometimes beyond. Check out our "speakers series" to get a sense of the people and topics we engage.